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Here are the products we currently carry along with some basic information about each one. Please call George at 660-646-2150 (store) or Trevor (Store Manager) at 660-646-2150 or (cell) 660-973-6721 with any questions you have - you'll get down-to-earth information and farmer-friendly prices!

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Rotary Cutters / Model XH600
A continuous welded 7 gauge deck and 1/4" side bands are standard
  • A 1/2" thick x 2" deep steel protection ring on the underside of the deck eliminates any possibility of damage due to a bent blade
  • A steel and rubber sandwich is used on the discharge side of the deck to protect it from damage
  • A heavy duty four plate slip clutch transmits more than enough power for the toughest work.
  • The trailing hitch kit includes a standard, constant velocity 80 degree universal joint to allow the tightest turns without drive line vibration.
  • A floating lift linkage on the trailing hitch kit allows the machine to easily handle rough terrain.
  • The top link of the 3PT hitch kit is totally free floating to control the machine over the roughest terrain.


Rotary Cutters / Model FX530
30' of mowing and shredding excellence
  • Accommodates 30", 32", 36", 38" row spacings
  • Excellent shredding and distribution capabilities on Fixed Knife units
  • Unique drive layout allows for clutch at every down box
  • Spun formed pans available on pan unit
  • Floating hitch with rubber grommet rear suspension
  • Phasing system for a parallel lift cut
  • Non-adjustable clutches provide low maintenance
  • Available Cyclone Deck Debris Fan Kit
  • 350hp, 60 degree splitter gearbox allows for unique driveline layout


Rotary Cutters / Model FX520
5 Rotor, Modular Domed Single Deck Design - A First of its Kind in North America
5 Rotor design optimizes cutting performance, increases productivity and delivers extremely even distribution over competitors 20' models.
  • Unique 6 Gear Box layout, 260 hp divider box, 190 hp down boxes, 1000rpm driveline gives unsurpassed cutting performance with higher cut speeds.
  • 5 Slip Clutches, 1 at each down box protects the drive line. Also, shear pin at the input shaft on the divider box.
  • Continuously welded 7 ga modular deck design improves strength and reduces rusting.
  • Hitch Lift Assist helps to lift the mower over obstacles so as to prevent undo stress on blades and down shafts.
  • A hydraulic phasing cylinder system ensures an accurate parallel lift across the cutter.


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