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The complete solution for precise seed spacing... Yield Is In The Details

Drop-Shipped to Your Shop... Below Retail... Free Shipping!

It all works together precisely to give you better seed spacing for more harvestable ears.

Features include: Population Max™ Backing Plate, new adjustable brush, SkipStop™ Cushion, Precision Finger Set™


At 5 mph on 30" rows, your meter is turning at 65 rpm. At that speed, precision matters. Springs, fingers, cams, backing plates, belts, housings, covers, brushes, bearings - everything must work together to get seed to the ground every 6.8".

In the Precision Meter, everything does work together. Every part is precisely designed, engineered, and manufactured to work with every other part. So every 6.8", it plants one seed. Compared to ordinary, less precise meters, that instantly produces more ears - 6+ bushels more - from every acre.

At $2.50 per bushel, that's $15.00. Per acre. No wonder so many top producers are swapping Precision Meters for their old meters - or ordering new planters without meters and adding Precision Meters themselves.

Pioneer Meter Comparison, Pioneer Hi-Bred Seed Company, 2003

Farm Journal Meter Comparison Test, January 2004

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