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Outback STX

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The Outback STX™ Guidance System is the culmination of combining full RTK capability in an autosteer ready, value based terminal. The Outback STX incorporates some of the industry's best innovations in a system priced below competitive terminals in this segment of the market. The Outback STX is compatible with the full line of field proven Outback autosteer systems. This includes eDriveX™ with the eTurns™ automated turn solution.

The STX is RTK capable when used in conjunction with a MAX rover and Outback RTK base stations. If the cost of an RTK capable system has been a hurdle in the past, the Outback STX is your RTK solution.

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Outback S-Lite

  • Offers straight and contour guidance modes
  • Return to point
  • Built-in GSI (Ground Speed Interface)
  • Expandable to Outback AutoMate
  • Exclusive steering guide
  • Affordable
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Crescent Technology
Affordable GPS with sub-meter accuracy...
Add a level of precision to your operation this season with the Outback S-Lite GPS Guidance System. At a fraction of the cost of competitive GPS Systems, the S-Lite is the affordable solution for your operation. It only takes a few minutes. Simply vaccuum cup the console to the cab window, connect power and antenna cables, place antenna on the cab, set swath width and select guidance mode. It's the quick and simple.

Utilize the S-Lite for everything from spraying to tillage. And, when you're ready to change to another tractor, combine or sprayer, the S-Lite can be moved in minutes. Now you can add all of the accuracy and costs savings of precision GPS to your operation. The S-Lite is WAAS enabled with no annual subscription fees. With easy installation and set-up, the savings on inputs start the minute your turn it on.

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Outback eDriveTC

  • Quick installation
  • Available straight, contour and circle pivot operation
  • Vehicle specific kits for over 500 tractors, sprayers, combines and swathers
  • Auto engage
  • Gyro stabilization

Quickest And Easiest Installation In The Industry...
eDriveTC comes to you with an installation kit designed for your specific model. Clear, step-by-step instructions, with pictures, accompany all the right hoses, fittings and brackets to do the job. No special training is required.

Operate In 15 Minutes Or Less
If you already have experience with Outback Guidance products, it won't take the whole 15 minutes. Turn it on, start down the familiar A-B guideline and let go. That's it.

Huge Payback
Add together the operating costs of the machine, labor and all inputs. Take that result times 10% to estimate the raw savings. Then add the value of improved farming, more uniform treatments, less driver skill needed and extended hours of operation. You may want eDriveTC on every machine you own by year end.

Outback S, S2 and S3 Owners
Relax. eDriveTC works perfectly with the latest S3 and the very first Outback S ever made. So rest assured, we won't make you purchase new equipment to replace what you already have. It only means you get eDriveTC at an incredible value. Please verify with Outback Guidance Customer Service to insure you have the latest in software upgrades.

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Outback AutoMate

  • Compatible to over 50 different sprayers and rate controllers
  • 10 section control
  • Works with all Outback Guidance units

AutoMate Your Outback...
The Outback AutoMate is an automatic boom shutoff product that works directly with all Outback Guidance products.

The Outback AutoMate monitors and controls individual sprayer sections to minimize overlaps and skips. It offers up to ten section automatic control, manual section control, and user adjustable section overlap. Machine and rate controller specific interface kits will be available for a wide variety of vehicles and applications

Given the increased cost of herbicide and fertilizer, the operator should realize a quick return on investment with Outback AutoMate.

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Outback BaseLineX

Introducing the affordable alternative to disk markers
  • Portable RTK solution
  • Multiple vehicle expandability
  • 10 KM operating area
  • 24-hour operation time with internal rechargeable battery
  • External 12V capable operation
  • Season-to-season repeatability (with Outback S3)

Get Serious Coverage
When deployed at the edge of a field on a tripod, the range of operation is up to 5 km depending on terrain and obstacles such as trees. Any number of mobile units may be served by BaseLineX simultaneously. It's also possible for multiple users and neighboring farmers to share a single BaseLineX.

Operation is easy. Simply install it on a tripod in an open area away from trees and turn it on. A green light will come on in a few seconds and fieldwork may begin. Accuracy will reach its highest level in 15-20 minutes.

Baseline Features & Benefits...
  • Much less expensive than many disc marker sets.
  • No learning curve.
  • Extremely portable to any field.
  • Setup in less than 1 minute.
  • No folding and unfolding of disc markers at each pass.
  • No greasing or welding (like with disc markers).
  • High Definition (5-15cm) repeatable accuracy.
  • Stable, dropouts bridged by Coast .
  • Eliminates disc markers in most cases.
  • No annual fees. Owned by the user.
  • Serves multiple vehicles/users simultaneously.
  • Works anywhere, including high latitudes.

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