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New solutions to your most expensive planting problems:

BullsEye Seed TubeseSet Vacuum Disks | SureFire Seed Belts

eSet Vacuum Disk

This new eSet disk has four major advantages:

  • Singulate any seed size or shape — there’s no pocket or cell, which means the disk is not seed sensitive.
  • Improved seed release — the raised platform means seeds release down the center of the seed tube minimizing seed tube ricochet.
  • No adjustments — you get 98.5%+ singulation on almost every seed type without adjusting vac or double eliminators.
  • Better seed agitation — seed treatments can inhibit singulation because seeds pack together at the bottom of the meter. eSet has aggressive seed agitation that keeps the seed pool fluid for better loading.

With eSet, you set your vac for about 15” and you can plant any seed – even plateless – at 98.6% accuracy or better. If you seed is over 60# per 80,000 seed bag, use 18”. Size, weight, shape, treatments, humidity . . . doesn’t matter. And unlike early flat disk designs, you don’t adjust this singulator. It is designed to float and self correct so it is always in the right place at the right time.

eSet eliminates poor release in two ways:

No cell. Seeds ride on a flat plate so when the vac is cut off, seeds release straight down.

Raised platform. We’ve moved the seed release point over so seeds are released right down the center of the seed tube. That means a more consistent seed tube ride and more consistent spacing.

The eSet disk is a simple replacement for your current vac disk. The package includes the disk, baffle, singulator, brushes and scraper. All of the components mount to your customers existing meter housing (1991 or newer) . Installs in minutes. And best of all, you can switch back to your bean disk or any other vacuum disk without removing any of the eSet components. Just remove the eSet disk, move one brush and mount your bean disk.

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BullsEye Seed Tubes

This new seed tube fixes two big problems — seed-tube bounce and excessive wear.

Too often, seeds hit the sensor on their way down the seed tube. When this happens, seeds ricochet down the tube causing the familiar skip/double pattern in the field. The BullsEye reduces these errors with a simple offset that moves the sensor out of the way of the seed path.

The second improvement is at the bottom of the seed tube. We’ve inserted tungsten carbide wear tips that prevent the double-disk opener from wearing through the tip of the seed tube. It’s a simple solution to an annoying and expensive problem.

This photos shows the advantage of Tungsten Carbide. The BullsEye seed tube on the right has 92 acres of use with no significant wear. The standard seed tube on the right was run in the same row unit as the BullsEye and is shot after just 16 acres. That little flap at the bottom of the seed tube can send seeds flying.

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SureFire Seed Belts

Here is another simple idea that will make you more money.

The seed belt in your finger meter is often ignored. The belt has a very important job. After the fingers have singulated a seed, the belt has to deliver that seed to the seed tube. The “hand-off” between the meter and the seed tube is critical for proper spacing. The seed needs to be released consistently so that each seed follows the same trajectory down the tube. Current belts hand off the seed on the right, center or left side of the seed tube. The inconsistent position of the seed on the belt causes an inconsistent ride down the seed tube. And that inconsistency shows up in the field as spacing errors.

By cupping the belt’s flights, we can funnel the seed to the center of the seed tube every time. This provides a much more consistent hand off . . . and a more consistent seed tube ride.

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