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Left alone, your meter will rob your yield with skips and doubles. Meter Max™ Plus calibration adds
harvestable ears to maximize yield.

By taking your meters to a MeterMax technician, you can dramatically improve the spacing accuracy of your planter. And by eliminating the skips and doubles, you will increase ear counts, reduce barren stalks and increase yields.

To get maximum yield, every plant needs its own space - room to capture sunlight and room to develop its enormous root system. That means that every plant in the row must be the equally spaced. No doubles. No skips. Population is important. But equally spaced population is critical.

Click on photo of George Quinn IV and Zack McClellan for a closer view...George Quinn IV and Zack McClellan manage our Meter Max Shop. Here's how it works...

Every meter has the potential to singulate seed accurately. 
But speed, seed size and wear can throw a meter off by 5, 10 or even 20 percent. So instead of planting 30,000 seeds per acre, some meters may be dispensing 33,000 unevenly spaced seeds causing intense competition between plants. Another meter may only deliver only 27,000. Put your meters on a MeterMax and get precise seed spacing.

Here's how your certified MeterMax operator does it:

  • Clean, replace worn parts and properly balance the meter.
  • Place a finger pickup or vacuum meter onto the stand.
  • Add a handful of the specific seed size and weight of the corn that you intend to plant.
  • Set the Test Stand speed gauge to your anticipated planting speed.
  • Watch AutoPilot count skips and doubles over runs of up to 10,000 seeds (a row that is almost a mile lont).
  • Adjust the meter “on-the-fly” until skips and doubles are eliminated.
  • Print a “receipt’ that shows meter performance.

The Test Stand simplifies diagnosis.

The 50-cell gated belt makes error calculation easy. Let the meter run to fill all the cells. Count the errors – skips, doubles, etc. – and multiply. It is important to know the types of errors. A meter might drop seeds at the right rate, say 30,000 seeds per acre. But there could be 5% skips and 5% doubles per test run. This would be 100% drop on a population stand. Unless you can physically see the errors, you can be misled.

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